sobota, 28 marca 2015

Calming down my soul.

Wisława Szymborska 

(in love)

Jest nam tak cicho, że słyszymy
 (It's so quiet that we hear)
piosenkę zaśpiewaną wczoraj:
(a song sung yesterday:)
"Ty pójdziesz górą, ja doliną..."
("You up the hill, me down the valley...")
Chociaż słyszymy — nie wierzymy.
(Though we hear - we don't believe.)

Nasz uśmiech nie jest maską smutku,
(Our smile is not a mask of sorrow,)
a dobroć nie jest wyrzeczeniem.
( kindness is not a sacrifice.)
I nawet więcej, niż są warci,
(And even more than they deserve,)
niekochających żałujemy.
(we pity those who do not love)

Tacyśmy zadziwieni sobą,
(We, so surprised with ourselves,)
że cóż nas bardziej zdziwić może?
(what can surprise us more?)
Ani tęcza w nocy.
(Neither a rainbow at night.)
Ani motyl na śniegu.
 (Neither a butterfly upon snow)

A kiedy zasypiamy,
(And when we fall asleep,)
we śnie widzimy rozstanie.
(In the dream we see a breakup.)
Ale to dobry sen,
(But it's a good dream,)
ale to dobry sen, bo się budzimy z niego.
(but it's a good dream, because from it we wake up.)

Sometimes, when I don't feel like writing letters I try to find an inspiration somewhere. I try to calm my heart and my soul and fill it with all kinds of beauty. I go for a long, good book, I prepare a cup of tea I haven't tasted before, I listen to a new, calm music. It's usually a sung poetry. I have my favourite people who sing poets. The sound of a guitar placate me somehow. Sometimes I just look for a poem that will name all those things which are in my heart at this current moment. There is a bunch of nice options to take a breath and come back to my hobby with a "fresh" mind and rested soul. 

Few days ago, me and my little sister decided to go for a walk. It was one of those spontaneous decisions that turn out to be the best for me. I mean, I enjoyed it very much and I managed to take a few pictures, while walking, talking and laughing with the little one.We had a wonderful weather and it was good for both - my body and my soul. :-)

Yesterday I came back home from Wrocław - a beautiful and picturesque city. I had a great time there, I roamed around the city, tried a new food in a nice restaurant and enjoyed being with myself. Now I can return to my mail pile with a pleasure. There are 4 letters waiting for my care so this is what I'll be doing this weekend. Have a great day and I wish you lots of inspirations!


piątek, 20 marca 2015

ediimail - March.

may the joy of writing letters be with you! I'm here with the first post of my blog series "ediimail" - such an original name, huh? ;-) Thanks to this series you will have a chance to see my incoming & outgoing mail and I hope it will be an inspiration to you. I would love that... My penpalling world has slowed down lately so this kind of posts will show up once a month, I think. It's supposed to be enough. 

this month I've received 3, beautiful and long letters so far. If I receive any more letters in my mailbox through the end of March, I will edit this post and upload some pictures here. :-) 

 Letter from Nina (Germany)

letters from Nina, and she is the biggest inspiration for me when it comes to writing letters. Each of her letters is awaited with great joy, impatience and excitment. The feeling I get when I can hold her letter in my hands, feel its lovely weight which indicates a good, long letter and a wonderful evening reading - is simply priceless. Besides, can you see this pretty envelope? Yes, Nina is my biggest inspiration - without doubt. 

 Letter from Carina (Finland)

in the pictures above you can see a warm and lovely letter from my good friend from Finland. We don't send letters to each other that often, but when we do - they are always full of friendship, love and care. When I think about her, and the story of our friendship there is always a big smile on my face and I honestly couldn't imagine my box of letters without hers inside. 

 Letter from Anne (Denmark)

i just found this cute letter in my mailbox, so it absolutely has to be here, as well. I haven't read it yet but it's going to be a great experience, trust me. ;-) This beautiful paper evoked a smile on my face this morning. I rarely get a letter these days so it's a real celebration for me to find something in my mailbox and run home to read it in a calm and peaceful atmosphere. 

 just few hours later some handsome man delivered this awesome surprise to me. I did a happy dance, singed, what needed to be signed and kiss his cheek saying thank you and ran to my room to touch this book, especially its cover, smell the pages and simply enjoy the third book of Lindsey Kelk's "I heart..." series. Sometimes life surprises you with people like Bart. They are miles away but they live in your heart and you feel they are very close to you, they smile when you smile and cry when you do. He's a wonderful man and he'll always be a part of my life. I couldn't imagine not having him around with his lovely wife on my wedding day or other special days. He's like family you've got the chance to choose. 

now It's time to show you what I've managed to write this month. I hasn't been much but I feel I'm slowly getting back on track. I don't write often but when I do, I put my whole heart on paper and I enjoy every written word. I love it, when I feel like that. Everything in my hobby makes sense and I'm happy. 

 Letter to Carina (Finland)

 Letter to Nina (Germany)

i hope you enjoyed travelling with me around my ediimail universe ;-) We're having beautiful weather today, so I'm about to go for a long and calm walk with my sisters. Thank you for stopping by and... see you soon.  edii


wtorek, 17 marca 2015

Beginning, sweet beginning.

I have returned to blogging. The only question that kind of swims in my head is: how long will it last this time? I have a reputation for starting and then deleting my blogs at the speed of light and then, starting anew. Again. So this is one of those famous beginnings, I've already become completely used to. But his time I want to start with a new concept. My idea is to tell you about my passion for letters and books; to share my studying experience with you and to taste different kinds of tea in midst of your company. I hope it will be a pleasure for both of us. :-) 

I shall come to you with a real blog post soon. I'll probably start it this evening. Oh, this lovely high motivation for running this blog, which usually leaves me alone after a month or something. Well... I will go to write all my ideas down in a notebook while you stay and listen to Nina Simone. She's great. Trust me.